homage to the revered Dharmasthala Temple, seeking solace and blessings for our journey ahead
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Most Affordable group tour to Famous South Indian Temples

I am Sonali, we had an exciting tour with Like n Share travel agency in Kasargod. “I would say that luckily we chose the most affordable package for our trip, providing great accommodations. They did an outstanding job and gave us a memorable experience. As an affordable and budget-friendly travel agency, have won our trust, and we will consider them for future trips. The package was perfect for group tours as the per-person cost was only INR 2925/- and we paid INR 46800/- for all 16 of us. It was worth every penny.” 

When my Friend Swaty suggested Like n Share travel agency for the trip, she mentioned it as one of the good travel agencies in Kasargod online with numerous positive reviews, proving it with their service.

During our three-day journey through the sacred temples and mystical landscapes of South India, we visited Madhur Temple, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Dharmasthala Temple, Gokarna Temple, Malpe Beach, and Udupi Srikrishna Temple. The trip was organized by our travel agent who did an excellent job and offered an affordable price. I must say, this trip has the potential to enchant your mind and soul.

A group tour of enjoying a sunset stroll along a sandy beach, refreshed with blessings from Dharmasthala temple

Day 1: Unveiling Sacred Treasures

Our adventure began with a warm welcome at the prestigious Lalit Resorts in Bekal. From there, we ventured forth to explore the ancient wonders of spirituality. Our first stop was the venerable Madhur Sidhi Vinayaka Temple, which held an immense positive energy that made us feel so relaxed and refreshed. We went to the serene Ananthapura Lake Temple, nestled amidst tranquil waters with a great history and rejuvenating positivity. Continuing our pilgrimage, we went to the hallowed grounds of Dharmasthala, where faith permeated the air. Here, we paid homage to the revered Dharmasthala Temple, seeking solace and blessings for our journey ahead. With that, we resumed the trip at Bougainvillea Hotel, where luxurious accommodations awaited to rejuvenate our spirits for the adventures that awaited.

Day 2: Enchanting Encounters and Serene Escapes

Group tour to DHARMASTHALA TEMPLE, seeking solace and blessings for our journey ahead

On our second day of exploration, we began with prayers at the Dharmasthala Temple, where we were able to embrace the peace that surrounded us. We then continued our journey to the sacred precincts of Gokarna Temple, where we were able to experience the seamless merging of spirituality and breathtaking vistas, which made our journey colorful with the serene beauty of nature.

After seeking divine blessings, we returned to Udupi Malpe, where we found tranquility at Vindhya Homestay, a haven for relaxation and reflection amidst nature’s embrace.

Day 3: Embracing Nature’s Beauty and Divine Grace

On the last day, we started our day by visiting the beautiful Malpe Beach. The tranquil sound of the waves and the sun’s warmth provided a soothing experience that made our trip more enjoyable. We felt a sense of serenity as we immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature. Our spiritual journey concluded with a visit to the sacred Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with timeless spirituality. Surrounded by a divine aura, we recharged ourselves with positive energy and a stress-free mind. We returned home with unforgettable memories of spiritual revelations, breathtaking landscapes, and cherished moments of togetherness.

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